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A Proper Snowday

March 15, 2017

A Proper Snowday

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It’s not a proper snowday without making homemade something. Right? I mean you have all day in the house, and with Sam not in daycare and my spunky niece Mia (above and below) with her neverending energy staying the week, there’s no way you’re getting any work done. Or did I? (I did get a blog post out of it!) Of course, me being me, always cooking and always shooting, my camera is always in the kitchen (sorry Dave! Loveyaaa) And besides family sessions, my other most favorite thing to shoot is a cooking session. So homemade tortillas, along with a nice big pot of bone broth, was our project for the day. Thank you Storm Stella for another opportunity to spend hours upon hours in the house cooking with the fam. Enjoy the latest BW photo series!

Homemade tortilla recipe courtesy of :

Homemade Vegan Sour cream (BEST EVER!) courtesy of Gluten Free Vegan Pantry:

Snow-Day-104-1 A Proper Snowday
Snow-Day-107 A Proper Snowday

Snow-Day-112 A Proper Snowday

Snow-Day-115 A Proper Snowday

Snow-Day-106 A Proper Snowday

Snow-Day-120 A Proper Snowday

Snow-Day-111 A Proper Snowday

Snow-Day-109 A Proper Snowday]]>

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