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We had kittens!

March 19, 2017
So this cat. She's this absolutely beautiful Calico that befriended us during the coldest CT nights this winter and little did we know she was a pregnant queen looking for a nesting place. She slept in our garden bed by night and watched our daily lives from the outside perch until we realized... This cat wants to be ours. She came inside and never left. So basically, we got got, but in the best way. I can't believe how these past few months have unfolded! So she hesitantly came in, super sweet with us, our toddler and our other obnoxious kitten Noodle. A little iffy with Stella the Pit but they're fine. She came in and literally doubled in size within a few weeks, and then tripled, and thank goodness she was pregnant and not just sickly expanding. It took us a while to admit to ourselves and each other that she was expecting, and it was finally confirmed for me about 5 nights ago when she snuggled up next to me on the couch purring, rolled over, and let me feel her babies kickin' around in her tummy. Being a fairly new mom myself and having felt my own baby within my body, it gave me these feelings of nostalgia and I melted with the thought of her having her own littles. What I didn't realize was that she would have them the next night, in the middle of the floor, while I was returning home at midnight from a very long day of photography seminars. BUT WE WERE!!!! I grabbed my Nikon (obviously), called a friend to come for support since Dave and Sam were up north for the weekend, and we stayed up with her til 2am cheering her on and helping keep the kittens warm. Over 1.5 hours of beautiful miracles happening before our eyes, our household went from having two to SEVEN kitties. Mama and babies are doing so well! Meet the five new babes, names TBD
Heart melted. Because of the sensitive situation of mama giving birth, I didn't want to get all up in her stuff with my obnoxiously big camera and turn the lights up so once I get some better light, you better believe I'll be posting some kitten glamour shots. Stay tuned!

For the family stuff:

For the intimate side of things:

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One comment on “We had kittens!”

  1. Tina, love reading the story and seeing the pictures. That is a gift she gave to you with company,ETA trust in you. Can't wait to see more pics. You know me, I love my cats!


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