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Photography Courses and Lessons

Want to learn how to take better photos?

la-femme-boudoir-photos-family-dog-and-child-320x214 Photography Courses, Lessons, & Mentoring
la-femme-boudoir-pictures-newborn-photos28-320x213 Photography Courses, Lessons, & Mentoring
la-femme-boudoir-pictures-family-photography-first-birthday39-320x213 Photography Courses, Lessons, & Mentoring

Want to capture better images of your family's most cherished moments on holidays, family vacations, or at soccer games?

Or even just plain ol' everyday life with your little ones?

Looking to get more creative with your photography and wondering where to start? 

Wondering how lens choice affects your images, how to use light to make your photos pop, or which settings to use to create the desired look for your photos? 


Do you have this great camera but no idea what to do with it besides set it to Auto?​

Maybe you want to know how I got to where I am today as the business owner of a boutique photography studio?

Now offering

hands-on photography courses

These photography courses will be completely tailored to you, whether you want to learn about exposures, camera settings, posing techniques, flash ... you name it.


Want to know a bit more about the business side of things? Book general mentoring session and ask away.

You tell me all of your photographic hopes and dreams, and I'll help you make them happen,


In Studio Photography Courses

$100 per hour
  • Photography Questions and Answers Session
  • Hands-on Shooting Instruction
  • Exposure, Camera Settings, Composition

Local Photo Walk Photography Course

$175 per hour
  • Photography Questions and Answers Session
  • Local Photo Walk, Camera in hand
  • On-the-fly Shooting Tips
  • Using Natural Light
  • One Person (Each Additional Person $50/hour)


-also available-

Mentoring Sessions

For the aspiring photographer


Looking to for business advice?

Would you like to know how I got started?


Mentoring Sessions

$125 per hour
  • Business Questions and Answers Session
  • How did I get started?
  • Niche down
  • Managing Clients
  • Photography Gear
  • Retouching Basics
  • Social Media & Marketing Basics
  • Workflow & Organization
  • Ongoing Mentorship- Purchase 6 hours up front, get one hour FREE

Ready to kick your photography up a notch?


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