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Moving Slideshows | Welcoming Baby Jae

March 13, 2017

Moving Slideshows | Welcoming Baby Jae


The anticipation of this little guy’s arrival was so exciting and so painful. Could he just be here already? Also, it’s so amazing when your best friends join the parent club and they can finally see what a joy it is to have a little snuggle bug of their own. Not only that, but now they know why we’ve turned from “Where we going out tonight?!” friends into crazy sleep-deprived sympathizers. Now, they too, will have been transformed. (Muwahahah) JK  …no, but really.

Congratulations to our best friends on their beautiful baby Jae. He’s such a love!


Moving Slideshows in the photographer world are called “Fusion” shows. Short video clips are added into the slideshow to really add that extra element of connectivity and emotion. Don’t get me wrong, the images alone are enough to melt you …but they just don’t say it all. When you see those little toes wiggle and that finger grasp onto your husband’s hand, you’ll get warm and fuzzy all over remembering how quickly your main squeeze became the best Dad ever. So much happens when your baby is growing up and it happens all too quickly. I’m speaking from experience as my own baby is about to be 2 years old. When he’s approaching that milestone, it’s almost hard to remember what he was like right after he came home from the hospital. A show like this will help you remember those tiny moments for a lifetime.

Questions or thoughts about Moving Slideshows? Don’t hesitate to comment below or contact me!


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