Why a Bridal Boudoir Album is the Ultimate Groom’s Gift

Imagine this: You’re trolling Instagram one day and you came across a picture of a woman, not someone who would you would consider complete supermodel material, but she looked incredibly beautiful. The way she’s posed, the naturally sexy expression on her face, the lighting… and she was a normal chick.

Bridal Boudoir Photos as the Ultimate Wedding Gift

You’ve heard of sexy bridal boudoir photos being the ultimate wedding gift, and you even know a few friends who had them done and sang praises of the experience. If only you could have these kinds of pictures of yourself to share with the person you’re about to marry.


Don't Second Guess Yourself with it comes to bridal boudoir pics. Give it a Try

Then, you realize that this specific photographer is actually based in your area. You love her style, you feel like she knows what you think is sexy, and you feel like if there was ever a boudoir photographer you could trust to deliver, it would be her. You muster up all of your confidence, shoot her a quick DM, and immediately second-guess your decision to inquire. Who are you to sign up for bridal boudoir pics?

But she gets back to you within moments, asks all the right questions, and within the next 24 hours you've booked yourself a session.

Feeling More Confident and Sexy Once You've had your Bridal Boudoir Shoot

Fast forward two weeks and you've just left your bridal boudoir shoot. You walk out of that studio feeling like 100 million bucks. Never in your wildest dreams did you imagine that this boudoir session would do more for you than simply provide you with the ultimate groom's gift for the love of your life.

You were so nervous going into it this morning! But not only do you feel more confident and sexy than ever, but you also feel empowered through the experience. You cannot wait to see how the photos came out!

Fast forward another three weeks and you've just picked up your beautiful custom designed bridal boudoir album at the studio. You've seen the album proof so you don't bother to unwrap it; the gift wrap is so perfect that you just bring it as is to your rehearsal dinner. The idea is that you'll leave it with your fiancé before spending your last unmarried away from him. The next time he sees you will be the next day, at your wedding, with these images burned into his mind, as you're walking down the aisle toward him to say, "I do." Is there anything more sexy, confident, and intimate than that? Gifting a beautiful watch is sweet and thoughtful, but this…  this says more.


Most of my clients hire me for Bridal Boudoir Photography

I want to say that about 75% of my clients come to me specifically for bridal boudoir photography, and that says a lot.

Fun fact: MOST of them never thought they'd do something like this.


Feelings of nervousness, vulnerability, unworthiness, or unreadiness creep in.

The Perfect Time for a Bridal Boudoir Session is while you Plan your Wedding

But when you're planning a wedding you're also usually trying to eat right and get into the best shape you can. That makes it a pretty perfect time to sign up for a bridal boudoir session. There's more to it than being in the best shape of your life though. This session is about who you are, as you are, as you're about to marry the person who's chosen to spend the rest of their life with you. They love you for you, and that has a whole lot more to do with your personality than anything else.

The goal of boudoir photography is not only to look sexy in whatever you're wearing (or not wearing,) but also to capture the most organic sense of "you". Who YOU are, underneath your daily garb, titles, and responsibilities. This session is about letting go of all that and being photographed "undone."

Showing a Side that You Normally Don't Expose

"Why then," you ask, "do most girls have their hair and makeup was done before a session and dress up in lingerie if the whole point is to become 'undone'?"

Undone, to me, means vulnerable. How many of you buy pretty lingerie but never actually bust it out because you'd feel silly? And how many of you still get dressed in a different room or while turned away, even around your fiance? It's mostly something we do subconsciously. So many of us do it, and it's because we feel vulnerable -- "naked" if you will--  when we are not dressed and feeling like we look our best. The idea of a boudoir session is to show the side of us that we wouldn't normally expose comfortably, even to the person closest to us.

And while all of that may sound scary as hell, it's also an incredibly liberating experience meant to help us to build the confidence we need to be that person, undressed and vulnerable, with the person we love most, at any time. Sure, we get done up and beautiful just to become "undone," but hey, we can express our individuality however we want. It's 2019 people; live your best life and live it well. Show yourself love, and share it with the person closest to you.

A Fun Bridal Boudoir Outfit

On the topic of bridal boudoir outfits, it's always fun to wear something from your wedding day during a bridal boudoir session. Many women include their veil, wedding shoes, or the white lingerie they would be wearing underneath their wedding dress.


Undressing Session, is a bit more than just Bridal Lingerie

My FAVORITE idea would have to be the Undressing Session which goes a little something like this: A bridal boudoir client brings her wedding dress and white bridal lingerie, veil, and any other pertinent accessories. I'd start with a few beautiful portraits of her wearing her dress in natural light. Then, piece by piece, she would slowly take it off, revealing her bridal lingerie, and then some. Her comfort level determines where we'd end up. Sometimes what we'd end up with is some beautiful bridal boudoir nudes with the pieces all around her. It's one of my most favorite sessions to photograph! I cannot think of anything sexier to gift your groom, right before he sees you walking down the aisle toward him.

Choosing Your Boudoir Photographer for your Bridal Session

When you choose a boudoir photographer for your bridal boudoir session, you want to make sure you're doing your research and basing your decision off of what is most important: Trust, experience, and style. You want to be able to read testimonials from other women about their experiences and trust that this photographer will be able to deliver the kind of photos you're looking for.

Check out Boudoir Photographer Reviews

You also want to make sure that the experience will be a positive one and what better way to be educated than by past clients' words? Actual business reviews are the most trustworthy, so check them out on Google, Facebook, Yelp, or anywhere else you'd do objective research.

Find out as much as you can about the photographer and make sure their style fits what you're looking for. Are you looking for light and airy, or dark and moody? Even more importantly, do the women in the photos look naturally sexy or too posed? Whatever the look you're going for, make sure that photographer can deliver. Boudoir photography is not cheap. In fact, it can be quite expensive, but for good reason.


Keep in Mind This is a Very Intimate Session

This is an intimate session, and you're expecting to bare it all both emotionally and physically. A photographer with experience will know how to pose you to make you look like your best you. They will know how to use lighting, how to relate to you and make you feel comfortable, and will add to the experience. A seasoned boudoir photographer will not be charging $100 or even $300 for a session if they know what they're doing and value their own work. These photos also aren't typically the kind that you would print and frame around the house; these belong in an album or print box you can keep private. Or as an inconspicuous, artistic piece of wall decor in a private part of your home. If you're considering this investment in yourself, you should expect to spend upwards of $1000. If you're looking for anything less you'll likely be forfeiting the quality of both your experience and the end product. In other words, iif you're looking to pinch pennies, this is not the time to do it.

Whether you decide to gift the bridal Boudoir album the night before the wedding, or you present it to your groom in a private place sometime before or after the wedding, a bridal boudoir album is an ultimate gift you can give. As long as you trust in the photographer you hire and you choose them based on what matters most to you, you'll be in good hands and you will be forever grateful for what the experience has provided you. If you don't believe me, read what my bridal boudoir clients have to say about it and decide for yourself.

What the girls are saying

"Tina is an incredible woman, not to mention an incredible photographer. She helped me to see myself in a different light- she helped me to feel beautiful and unique and classy and sexy - the way every woman wants to feel. She has a way of making you feel comfortable with her right from the start and she's so easy to work with. The finished product was beautiful ... something my boyfriend and I will cherish for a very long time. I highly recommend her! Don't question it... just do it. I promise you won't be disappointed."

"I had a lot of anxiety about doing a maternity shoot, never mind a boudoir-style one. I felt like a stranger in my body, and I didn't feel beautiful or comfortable in my skin. But it was important to me to capture this crazy, weird, amazing time in my life, and I knew the only person I wanted to do it was Tina. She made me feel so incredible through her work, I was able to see myself in a new light and actually come to appreciate being pregnant and the incredible things my body was doing--and I'm so, so happy now to have those pictures forever. The experience of shooting with her along with the beautiful images that came out of it changed how I saw myself, and was such a meaningful experience for me during such a crazy time in my life! Thank you forever, Tina!!!"

"Tina was remarkably easy to work with. She is a master of her craft and used her profound talent and knowledge to create the perfect boudoir shoot for me. She accommodated my requests easily and was happy to gear the session toward my edgy interests and personality. The end results were breathtaking and exactly what I'd envisioned. From the composure to the posing, the lighting and the editing, Tina did an amazing job. On top of everything else, she made me feel comfortable, confident and striking. I would highly recommend her to anyone in the market for boudoir photos."

"Tina is a pro! I contacted her for a boudoir session and loved every minute of it. We shared ideas of different looks and she was able to capture exactly what I was hoping for. She made me feel so comfortable and had great coaching during the shoot. When it was time to view the photos in her studio, I cried because they were so beautiful. She has a way of making photos look sexy, tasteful, and romantic all at the same time. I will forever treasure my album and would highly recommend Tina for your next photo session!"

"I was very nervous in the process but when I got into shooting it felt natural. Tina is an amazing night photographer. I wouldn't have done it with anyone else."

"It was an amazing experience. A woman should at least once in their life, be able to feel the way I did the morning I walked into Tina's house for my shoot! There's nothing that can compare the beauty & empowerment you get. Not even from your wedding day! You have to do this! And def have your makeup and hair professional done right there too!"

"I've never felt more comfortable in my own skin especially with so much of it exposed! It was empowering! What a wonderful experience and Christina is an unbelievably sweet and professional photographer!"

"I am so thankful I found Tina and La Femme Boudoir ! Her style and creativity is exactly what I was looking for in boudoir photography. My photos and album came out better than I could have expected, but the best part was how fun the experience was ! I will be thankful for Tina forever."

"Tina's studio is beautiful and comfortable, and she creates such a warm and welcoming environment. She's incredibly knowledgeable about posing, which was really helpful too! The combination of Tina's sweet energy and great talent would make me recommend her to anyone."

"Tina has a special gift of not only amazing photography but especially making you feel wonderful, comfortable and BEAUTIFUL! her work is very tasteful and I only go to her for my photography needs. I've known her for many years and she really is such an amazing gal. I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone even considering Boudoir because she brings out the natural beauty in you and won't make you feel uncomfortable. I'm grateful to have pictures from before AND after having children and I'll always be incredibly appreciative for her making me feel so beautiful in such a high standard society. Love you Tina!!!"

"After years of self consciousness and low esteem, I am very fortunate to have grown into this place right now where I am so comfortable with my body, and I wanted to celebrate that triumph with a boudoir shoot. The shoot itself was so much more fun than I was expecting. I always considered myself as being not very photogenic, but Tina really made it feel like I was just hanging out with a friend who happened to be taking pictures. She explained everything well and gave clear directions during the shoot and the results were unbelievable. I still can't believe these photos are of me! To anyone considering a boudoir shoot, I would absolutely recommend going for it! It's so much fun and it's so empowering. I'm already thinking about when I'm going to do my next one!"